Doug Pederson: I’ll have a decision tomorrow who starts at QB next week


Eagles coach Doug Pederson may be the only person in America who doesn’t know that Jalen Hurts is a better quarterback than Carson Wentz.

After the Eagles’ loss to the Cardinals today, Pederson praised Hurts’ performance, but then said he isn’t yet ready to say whether Hurts is going to be the starter again next week.

“I thought he had great poise, great leadership, played physically tough, mentally tough, made some really good throws down the stretch,” Pederson said of Hurts. “I’ll probably have a decision for you tomorrow on next week.”

Hurts has energized an offense that was absolutely terrible with Wentz starting, and it would be coaching malpractice for Pederson to go back to Wentz now. But for some reason, Pederson won’t come right out and say the obvious: Hurts is the Eagles’ starting quarterback.

Pederson will say that tomorrow. That he won’t say it today raises questions about why the Eagles can’t just speak the truth and acknowledge that Wentz has failed, and Hurts has earned the starting job.