British dad arranges for clients to kill vulnerable ‘big game’ wildlife abroad


A British dad-of-one is flogging sickening overseas trophy hunting trips to slaughter big game.

Mike Taylor arranges for clients to kill vulnerable wildlife including baboons, elephants, leopards, lions and zebras.

These include big game hunts throughout Africa, as well as Alaska. The firm also arranges bird shooting trips to Argentina and deer hunts in Mauritius.

Mike Taylor Sporting’s current “special offers” include a package deal to kill two elephants with the controversial Namibia-based company Ndumo Hunting Safaris, which shows clients on its website alongside dead cheetahs – listed as vulnerable on the international Union for the Conservation of Nature red list.

Taylor wrote on one of his social media pages: “I have some discounted elephant bull hunts available in the Namibia for this year when the travel ban has lifted. Discounted price $35,000 [£26,000] normally $45,000 [£33,000].

“Combination hunt for one trophy in the park and one in a conservancy (two trophy elephant bulls 21 days all ­inclusive $80,000). My outfitter is Ndumo Hunting Safaris.”

His Shropshire-based company’s website features photographs of gun-toting clients next to dead crocodiles, ­cheetahs, elephants, hippos, rhinos and zebras.

Taylor has also teamed up with Thierry Labat, “one of the best professional hunters in Zimbabwe”, and Adam Clements Safari Trackers, a business which hosts rhino, lion, leopard and zebra hunting safaris in African countries.

The Daily Mirror is campaigning alongside Eduardo Goncalves, founder of the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting.

Taylor features in his book Trophy Leaks: Top Hunters & Industry Secrets Revealed.

Eduardo told us: “Mike Taylor Sporting of Shrewsbury is ‘selling’ the lives of some of the world’s most amazing and threatened species to leering thrill-killers. Lions, leopards, zebras – even baboons and Alaskan moose – are all in his catalogue of horror.

“No one should be allowed to profit from maiming and murdering beautiful creatures just so people can pose for a sick selfie and stick the animal’s head above their fireplace.

“Trophy hunting is barbaric and is all about boasting about how big and brave they are to kill a defenceless animal. We need action now to shut down these merchants of death.”

Taylor and Adam ­Clements Safari Trackers did not respond to requests for comment.

A Ndumo Hunting Safaris spokesman said Taylor does not market hunts on their behalf but had contacted them for pricing on elephant hunts.

He denied they offered cheetah hunts but the Safari Club International record book of trophies shot by Ndumo clients includes cheetahs.